Selamat Datang di Rumah Jurnal Diwan Media Pustaka


  • Al-Jawhar : Journal of Arabic Language

    AL-JAWHAR: Journal of Arabic Language is a periodic scientific journal that contains articles on conceptual ideas, theoretical studies and applications, practical writings, and research findings in the field of Arabic language education and teaching, as well as studies in the field of Arabic language and literature. This journal is published twice a year by Diwan Media Pustaka, in June and December. The journal invites scholars, academics, professionals, and researchers in the discipline of Arabic Language Studies to publish their research findings after undergoing a manuscript selection process, peer review, and editing process.

    AL-JAWHAR: Journal of Arabic Language focuses on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language Arabic, Linguistic Arabic, Arabic Literature, History of Arabic Education, Strategy of Arabic Teaching, Arabic Islamic Culture, Media of Arabic Teaching, Technology of Arabic, Teaching Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic Second Language Acquisition

  • Discourse: Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

    Discourse is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that serves as a platform for exploring and exchanging cutting-edge research across various academic disciplines. The journal is committed to publishing high-quality articles that advance knowledge and foster intellectual dialogue within and between diverse fields of study.

    Aims and Objectives

    • Interdisciplinary Engagement: Discourse encourages interdisciplinary collaboration by welcoming contributions from various fields, including but not limited to humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, and the arts.
    • Innovation and Exploration: The journal seeks to publish innovative and thought-provoking research that pushes traditional disciplinary boundaries. We welcome articles that explore new perspectives, methodologies, and paradigms.
    • Global Perspective: Discourse aims to provide a global platform for researchers, scholars, and academics worldwide. The journal is committed to representing diverse voices and perspectives, fostering a global dialogue on important issues.
    • Rigorous Peer Review: All submissions undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process to ensure the highest academic excellence and integrity standards. This process helps maintain the quality and credibility of the research published in Discourse.
  • Insight : Journal of Education

    Welcome to Insight: Journal of Education, an open-access and double-blind peer-reviewed international journal managed by Diwan Media Pustaka, Indonesia. Insight was expected to be the medium for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, information, and technology among experts and practitioners of education.

    Insight: Journal of Education aims to facilitate and promote the inquiry into and dissemination of research results on formal education particularly in secondary and tertiary or university contexts. Topics relevant to the theme are teacher or student research, teaching and learning approaches and methods, and teacher professional development.